Live uit Lloyd 2016

Live uit Lloyd 2016

Released September 1st

Live uit Lloyd 2016

On January 28th, Gravel Town featured in "Live uit Lloyd" on RTV Rijnmond in Rotterdam again, after their previous succesful show in 2014 in the radio programme.
They were invited to the show because of the release of the EP "The History of Gravel Town, Chapter III: Single Men". The performed songs are primarily from the EP, but as played live during "Live uit Lloyd". The five songs played that day, which you can now hear on the new EP, are:

Got to Go (La Canción del Diablo)
I'd Die for You
Cradle of Joy, no. 2
Driving through the Rain
In this Wasted Heartland

Check out the EP on all major streaming and download services, or contact us if you'd like a copy!

The History of Gravel Town

Pim and Inge

Gravel Town presents

Grandma Vastenburg praying

Here’s Martijn’s and Michel’s grandmother praying in front of a painting of Mary, mother of Jesus. The picture is taken aboard the inland ship her husband (our grandpa) was working on. It was one of the most modern ships of the era. Martijn and Michel descend from a long line of sailors, working on inland barges or sailing across the world on steam ships, around the 1900s.

A nice story: during one of their journeys a sailor was playing his accordeon so bad, that our grandfather pointed his newly bought gun, aimed and fired. He thought it was not loaded, but it was! Fortunately grandpa was a really bad shot, so he missed, but it was really close. Shocked about what he had done, he threw the gun overboard.
Shortly afterwards our grandmother decided to say goodbye to the sailing life and spent her remaining days in Gravel Town

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The History of Gravel Town, Chapter III: Single Men
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"I look forward to the other parts of The History of Gravel Town"
(Review of "Single Men" by Music that needs attention)
"Melancholic songs that let you easily find yourself at a campfire on a deserted prairie in America"
(Review of "Live at Lloyd 2014" by Blues Magazine)
"From Grace is a must-have for everyone who loves classic American Roots music!"
(Review of "From Grace" by Popunie)
"Gravel Town is your best companion when traveling through desolate deserts and sleepy villages"
(Review of "From Grace" by
"I've listened to the album several times now, and it's getting better each time"
(Review of "From Grace" by
"Gravel Town sounds like the music played in the bars and clubs by the dusty Interstate 35 leading to San Antonio and especially Austin"
(Review of "From Grace" by
"Imagine yourself being alone in your hotel room in the rough Wild West overseeing your miserable life"
(Review of "From Grace" by 3voor12)
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